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Every medical practice should be equipped with medical malpractice insurance, but this is especially true of large practices that have several doctors working under the same roof. Whereas one medical professional in a practice can generally stick to guidelines and high expectations of care, the presence of multiple doctors may leave wiggle room between guidelines. READ MORE >>

All healthcare facilities and practitioners—even your small practice—can benefit from owning medical malpractice insurance. This type of insurance policy offers financial protection if a patient makes a claim against your practice for any number of circumstances that fall under the umbrella of malpractice. READ MORE >>

Selecting business insurance for your company isn't easy, especially when your organization is in the health care industry. Medical offices face many risks for various reasons. Whether you are a lab providing services, a chiropractor's office or even a doctor's office, the right coverage is essential for keeping you in business. READ MORE >>

Ophthalmologists and eye doctors often are very patient-focused. You view your practice as a way of providing care to those in need. Yet, there is little doubt that mistakes can happen or misunderstandings will occur. When this happens, you’ll appreciate having business insurance that may safeguard all of your risks and help minimize your financial losses. READ MORE >>

You’ve probably heard people mention cyber liability insurance and wondered if your practice requires this type of insurance. Healthcare providers are actually in greater need of cyber liability protection than almost any other profession! READ MORE >>

1. When your disability insurance doesn’t cover your medical malpractice premiums. If your long-term disability policy does not cover your medical malpractice premiums, it could be a big problem in the event of a disabling illness or injury, and subsequent claims. READ MORE >>

There are enough challenges associated with practicing medicine and starting, managing and growing a medical practice. Why get bogged down with the myths about medical malpractice coverage? Here’s the truth about the most common misunderstandings surrounding professional liability coverage for doctors: READ MORE >>

If you have claims-made medical malpractice coverage, or are considering that type of policy, it’s important to understand tail insurance. A claims-made policy provides coverage for insured events occurring on or after the specified policy’s retroactive date, when insured events are reported during the policy period. READ MORE >>

Insurance often represents a major annual expense for physicians. Here’s what you need to know to make the smartest insurance-buying decisions: Rely on a licensed, experienced agent. Find a licensed agent who not only has experience working with physicians, but who represents multiple insurance carriers. READ MORE >>

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