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You strive to conduct medical business in legal, ethical and responsible ways. That means maintaining a professional environment for both yourself and your employees. If you fail in your duties as an employer, then employees will likely have recourse. What are some of these infractions? READ MORE >>

Numerous medical practices now take their services on the road. They often use mobile medical units to take office services into communities in need. If you plan to do so with your practice, you must put some thought into moving. After all, you'll want to protect what you take with you. READ MORE >>

Running a medical practice means carrying insurance to cover commercial risks. Among the most common coverage for doctors to carry is malpractice insurance. Still, don't get confused, and think that this is the only coverage you need. The liabilities in medical practices are many. READ MORE >>

The American nursing care industry employees nearly 3 million individuals. Of those, a significant number work for private practices. In these offices, some nurses will have a lighter workload. Others will handle more than they would in a busy trauma center. READ MORE >>

Medical facilities often employ hundreds of individuals. All perform different tasks. Many, if not most of them, have direct interaction with patients. When they do, therefore, they have a chance of accidentally harming others. If they do, a malpractice lawsuit might result. READ MORE >>

Every physician needs medical malpractice insurance. It exists to help doctors (and other medical providers) insure themselves against professional liabilities. What are some of these? What can you do to avoid these claims? Let's take a look at the coverage offered by malpractice insurance a little more closely. READ MORE >>

Maybe you are a physician who makes house calls. Or, perhaps, you run a mobile medical clinic. In these cases, you and your medical equipment will likely leave the confines of your office. Thus, you'll expose this property to damage risks you might not encounter every day. What if one of these items sustains damage? READ MORE >>

Some medical practices think that malpractice insurance is the only coverage they need. That's not at all correct. Generally, medical offices need multiple types of coverage, including employment practices liability insurance. Sometimes called EPLI coverage, protection can insure businesses against claims of misconduct lodged by employees. READ MORE >>

You are a doctor, so you likely know you need medical malpractice. However, it's not the only type of liability insurance you need. Your practice is a business. Therefore it needs commercial liability insurance, more specifically general liability insurance. Why is this coverage so important in the commercial sphere? READ MORE >>

All doctors should carry malpractice insurance. You never know when an unfortunate accident might merit a claim. But malpractice insurance costs money, and you'll pay based on various risk factors. How do these risks, statistics and demographics impact your insurance costs? Is there any way to manage rates? READ MORE >>

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