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Running a small medical practice doesn’t necessarily make for a small income. In fact, they are usually very profitable. Usually, these practices work very hard to establish lasting relationships with their patients. Still, even the best small practices run the risk of mistakes. READ MORE >>

Medicine is a very technologically-advanced field. By using multiple forms of equipment, doctors can diagnose, isolate and cure illnesses better than ever. Nonetheless, as technology continues to advance, so do its costs. If you have this equipment in your medical practice, what would you do if something were to happen to it? READ MORE >>

Medical offices are sensitive environments. The risks they pose to patients are always there, even when doctors take every precaution. Besides physical safety, physicians and their staff also have to ensure protection of the patient’s private information. READ MORE >>

Interacting with patients on a daily basis means exposing both your practice and your patients to risks. Should something go wrong, a patient might sue the medical practice for damages related to malpractice. The risks associated with malpractice are nothing to take lightly. READ MORE >>

All employers have to follow strict labor, hiring and retention laws to ensure that they fairly treat their employees. Medical practices, in general, are not exempt from these requirements. Should a current, prospective, or terminated employee allege that your workplace practices led to discrimination, they could sue your practice. READ MORE >>

Inland marine insurance confuses many prospective policyholders. However, you shouldn’t underestimate its usefulness. Inland marine insurance can protect businesses when they ship or transport extremely valuable items over land. A medical practice might wonder exactly how that coverage can apply specifically to them. READ MORE >>

Patients hold their doctors to extremely high standards. They expect their care providers to see to their needs. More importantly, they expect them to not make mistakes. Should a doctor make mistakes, he or she could face a malpractice claim. Malpractice claims usually arise from alleged negligence on the part of the physician. READ MORE >>

Many medical practices invest in company vehicles, and even company drivers. Conducting business via vehicle means that your medical practice faces road risks. Like any other drivers and vehicles, medical practice operators need auto insurance. In most cases, they should carry commercial auto coverage. READ MORE >>

Physicians practice in multiple environments, and no two settings are the same. Therefore, you need to insure yourself for the best protection in every situation. Working in a hospital or other large facility might mean that you have some degree of coverage. READ MORE >>

Medical malpractice liabilities are significant. Therefore, physicians need to protect themselves with the right insurance. Most physicians have to carry some degree of malpractice liability insurance. However, you have to put proper thought into getting a unique policy. No two physicians face the same risk. READ MORE >>

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