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As a physician, you might be called on to offer services in some unique situations. Particularly if you have a small practice, you likely establish a mutual trust between you and your patients. Therefore, your patients may at times ask you to make a house call. In this day and age, house calls are rare, but they are not unheard of. READ MORE >>

As a medical practice, you have an obligation to the safety and health of your patients and employees. Carrying strong commercial insurance means protecting your practice from threats that could pose safety risks to your business and patients. Various unpreventable and unpredictable perils can affect your medical practice. READ MORE >>

Unfortunate accidents in medical practices may cause physical injury to patients. Patients may seek restitution from the practice to help compensate for those injuries. Medical liability insurance can help a practice recover from allegations that it caused harm to a patient. READ MORE >>

Protecting your business requires a strategy that anticipates potential risks from every angle. As a medical practice owner, you know protecting business insurance is necessary. The proper business insurance helps protect your finances as well as the safety of your patients. READ MORE >>

Medical practices face extremely tight conduct regulations, and rightly so. A patient expects the physicians to adhere to a certain standard of care. That’s why it is important for medical professionals to follow the highest ethical standards. The first step to having a good business is having good employees. READ MORE >>

There’s always a chance that medical practice employees could become hurt or sick on the job. Practice employees work in an environment that caters to illness and injury risks. Therefore, they need to take special care to avoid succumbing to illness themselves. READ MORE >>

Many medical malpractice claims arise from situations where patients feel like providers did not behave professionally during treatment. One way to avoid the escalation of malpractice risks is to ensure that employees treat patients attentively. The priority of every physician should be to abide by the requests of the patients. READ MORE >>

Like many other industries, medical practices are entering the digital age. Medical practices use digital technology to make diagnoses and keep medical records. In a large practice, it's important to have a system that transfers and stores data securely. System hardware and networks are imperative to the functions of a data system. READ MORE >>

There are many liabilities that medical practice employees face while on the job. Most people automatically think of slip and fall risks. But, physical injury risks aren’t the only risks employees face. Various employment practices pose other liabilities to both employees and the practice. READ MORE >>

If you are in charge of a large medical practice, you know that each employee comes with his or her fair share of risks. These employees pose liability risks to the business and treatment risks to patients. No matter how qualified your team is, there's always a chance that something could go wrong. READ MORE >>

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