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With medical treatment, there is always a chance a doctor could expose a patient to the risk of harm or illness. If there is a problem, a patient may make a malpractice claim against the physician. Physicians could cause irreparable damage to a patient’s health. Malpractice insurance can help physicians fight these claims. READ MORE >>

Medical facilities should ensure all employees have the proper amount of malpractice insurance. When getting malpractice insurance for the facility, know how to cover all levels of care providers. Naturally, a physician will need high levels of coverage. READ MORE >>

As a physician, you know that it is important to cover your liabilities. When practicing, you expose yourself to risks. These risks could lead to medical malpractice claims against you or your practice. That’s why you always need to provide your patients with the most thorough care possible. READ MORE >>

When you run a medical practice, you take on a lot of risks to professionally and safely treat your patients. You also want to make the practice itself a well-functioning business. Make sure that your pre- and post-exam services are just as good as your bedside manner. READ MORE >>

Medical practices assume risks that are some of the most personally impactful to patients. Medical mistakes are usually very rare when a physician covers all the bases of care. But, they still occur from time to time. Mistakes in billing or treatment could financially devastate or physically harm a patient. READ MORE >>

When it comes to selecting life insurance for yourself, you may be focused on how much coverage you need, who will benefit and how long the policy will remain in place. But there's more to it than just that. You also need to consider the cost of the policy to you. When selecting a policy, the premium should be affordable to you. READ MORE >>

Your medical practice is an important part of your life. If you’ve run your own small practice for many years, you likely have a dedicated group of patients. If you are just starting a practice, you want to build a trusted business. Business insurance is an important part of your practice’s reputation. READ MORE >>

No medical practice wants to face a malpractice lawsuit. Your practice likely has many doctors, employees and a complicated budget. Each person is striving to make a positive impact on the lives of patients. But, things can happen. The more people you have under your roof, the greater your risk of a malpractice suit. READ MORE >>

Damage to a medical practice can be very disruptive for patients and doctors. You likely don’t want to see your business interrupted and your services damaged. Floods can be some of the most damaging instances that can affect a medical practice. Floods can cause widespread damages within the practice. READ MORE >>

Today’s medical world has become more and more digitized. As records move online, medical communications are becoming faster and better than ever. Doctors can now share test results, record changes and even financial statements with patients and other doctors. READ MORE >>

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