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                As a doctor, you probably realize that your office is a very sensitive environment. Not only do you have to provide patients with safe, effective care, but you also have to make them feel comfortable with you. READ MORE >>

Like many other industries, medical practices are entering the digital age. Medical practices use digital technology to make diagnoses and keep medical records. In a large practice, it's important to have a system that transfers and stores data securely. System hardware and networks are imperative to the functions of a data system. READ MORE >>

There are many liabilities that medical practice employees face while on the job. Most people automatically think of slip and fall risks. But, physical injury risks aren’t the only risks employees face. Various employment practices pose other liabilities to both employees and the practice. READ MORE >>

If you are in charge of a large medical practice, you know that each employee comes with his or her fair share of risks. These employees pose liability risks to the business and treatment risks to patients. No matter how qualified your team is, there's always a chance that something could go wrong. READ MORE >>

With medical treatment, there is always a chance a doctor could expose a patient to the risk of harm or illness. If there is a problem, a patient may make a malpractice claim against the physician. Physicians could cause irreparable damage to a patient’s health. Malpractice insurance can help physicians fight these claims. READ MORE >>

No medical practice wants to face a malpractice lawsuit. Your practice likely has many doctors, employees and a complicated budget. Each person is striving to make a positive impact on the lives of patients. But, things can happen. The more people you have under your roof, the greater your risk of a malpractice suit. READ MORE >>

Damage to a medical practice can be very disruptive for patients and doctors. You likely don’t want to see your business interrupted and your services damaged. Floods can be some of the most damaging instances that can affect a medical practice. Floods can cause widespread damages within the practice. READ MORE >>

Medical malpractice suits are nothing to joke about. Your financial and professional reputation as a medical provider could be on the line. You want to take all necessary steps to protect your practice from malpractice allegations. A great way to protect your assets is to make sure that you have medical malpractice insurance. READ MORE >>

Like every business, your medical practice comes with risks for you and your employees. In some places, you may have to offer workers’ compensation insurance to your employees. Different areas have different laws about which employees qualify for workers’ compensation. READ MORE >>

As a physician, you are healing and treating the sick. You are also contributing to the improvement of your community. However, owning a business is risky. Many businesses fail each year. Physicians face medical and business risks every day. You can face additional risks once you start your private practice. READ MORE >>

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