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Most large medical facilities, namely hospitals, have to carry medical malpractice insurance of their own. They can often apply these policies to the risks faced both by the facility and those employed within. What can those in facility management do to ensure that all relevant employees receive malpractice coverage appropriately? READ MORE >>

Insuring your medical practice means getting malpractice insurance. However, policies differ among themselves. That’s why it’s appropriate that you choose the most appropriate limits and coverage options to provide the business with the most-comprehensive protection. READ MORE >>

You probably know that your medical practice needs malpractice insurance. It will help you protect yourself and your employees in case there was a significant where you caused harm to one of your patients. But, there are also numerous other liabilities present within your practice, such as those that you post to your employees and their work with you. READ MORE >>

Medical practices are very busy, and staff must perform their duties in the most-professional manner possible. Medical staffs tend to be large, and employees must interact with each other in appropriate, professional ways. The facility’s leaders must act in the same way as any new hire, and any misconduct cannot go ignored or minimized. READ MORE >>

Medical malpractice insurance is necessary and mandatory coverage for medical practices of any shape or size. Hospitals, single practitioner clinics and teaching practices (and everyone inside) all need this coverage. However, the thing about insurance policies is that they don’t last forever. READ MORE >>

Doctors likely need medical malpractice insurance, a type of liability coverage, to pay their patients in case they cause them harm in the course of treatment. However, medical malpractice insurance is very specific, and relates to medical errors. READ MORE >>

Some medical practices are very large. Others are smaller. However, they all provide essential medical services. They also, in every case, pose risks to their clients. After all, medical care deals with someone’s health and well-being in a direct way. Mistakes, therefore, could cause severe harm to the clients. READ MORE >>

                As a doctor, you probably realize that your office is a very sensitive environment. Not only do you have to provide patients with safe, effective care, but you also have to make them feel comfortable with you. READ MORE >>

You generally think of your medical office as staying in one place. Usually it does. Still, that doesn’t mean that you won’t transport materials, equipment and valuables between locations from time to time. When you do, these items might benefit form a type of insurance called inland marine coverage. READ MORE >>

You want to attract the absolute best talent to your medical practice. You also want to make sure that you create an environment in which they can prosper. They should be able to (indeed, have a right to) work within an appropriate, mutually-supportive atmosphere. READ MORE >>

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