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InsuranceHealthcare risks exist in every practice, doctor and patient. Should medical services cause a patient harm, it could damage the physician’s reputation and business. If a lawsuit occurs, malpractice insurance can help protect you and your practice from liability losses.

Occurrence Coverage

Medical malpractice insurance comes in various forms. Each form of insurance usually determines how policyholders file claims against the policy.

Often, practices buy occurrence-based policies, which are quite popular. This insurance provides protection for insured events that occur during the policy period, regardless of the length of time that passes before the insurance company is notified of the claim.

This means that even after cancellation or expiration of the policy, it can still cover incidents that occurred during its active period. Practices will be able to use the coverage levels they had while this policy was active. For example, if an allegation occurs, or someone files a lawsuit even several years after a claim, the occurrence insurance may help.

Choosing the Correct Coverage

How do you know to get the coverage that is right for your practice? Sometimes, it can be difficult. Many businesses choose occurrence coverage because of the extended coverage these policies may provide.

Nonetheless, these policies may have limits. Some states do not allow insurers to offer occurrence policies. Furthermore, malpractice suits often have statutes of limitations. These may impact a patient’s ability to sue the practice. Therefore, because of these statutes, some practices may not need occurrence coverage.

Let The Joseph A. Britton Agency, Inc. be your resource to finding strong occurrence coverage for your practice. We will work with you to research your business’ needs and liability risks. That way, we can better recommend the malpractice coverage that is right for you.

Our skilled agents can research policy options at no cost to you. That way, you can save both time and money, while still getting the appropriate policy.

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